Our History

Bishop, Ernest F. Morris was born September 10th 1890 in Memphis, Tennessee.  He was the son of Reverend John Henry and (Mrs.) Sarah Morris.  Reverend Morris was a Baptist Minister and the father of twelve children; six boys and six girls.  Eight of which became ministers, and two sons became Bishops themselves. 

The family moved to Enid, Oklahoma, where Ernest spent his boyhood.  In 1915 during the month of June the family gathered together in prayer for one the brothers who became gravely ill.  It is accounted that during that time of prayer, suddenly, The Holy Spirit fell upon sixteen people there in that room, including Ernest Morris.  Ernest testified that this event changed the course of his life, and he then accepted the call to preach The Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Bishop Morris moved to Colorado in 1919 and met (Mother) Olive B. Morris.  He married her in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1924.  They then moved to Tacoma, Washington in 1925 from Trinidad, Colorado, and then to Seattle in 1928. 

Bishop E.F. Morris incorporated the Free Church of God in Christ with the Full Gospel Pentecostal Missionary Association; and consolidated the Central District and the Western District of the F.G.P.M A; and established the Full Gospel Pentecostal Missionary Association. 

He was the founding Pastor of God’s Pentecostal Temple at; 150 16th Avenue, and East Fir Street, in Seattle Washington. There have been many worshippers, musicians, ministers, evangelists, pastors, teachers, apostles, and bishops which have come out of this great association and have established many ministries nation-wide. 

We thank God for the Full Gospel Pentecostal Missionary Association, and for our founders; the late, great, and highly esteemed, Bishop Ernest F. Morris and Mother Olive B. Morris.

Pastors of God’s Pentecostal Temple:

Bishop E.F. Morris (Founder)

Bishop C.E. Morris

Bishop S.D.  Lefall

Elder C. Dorsey

Pastor Roxy Bains

Pastor Marva Buckley